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Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives (SAGE Cons)
POLITICAL ACTIVITY OF SAGE CONS 2016 vs 2014: vote in November 96% vs 94% ... persuade people you know to vote 66% vs 69% ... try to get unregistered voters to register 41% vs 42% ... donate money to a campaign(s) 30% vs 43% ... volunteer to help a candidate(s) 15% vs 24%    PRIMARY POLITICAL NEWS SOURCE - online 41%; television 33%; radio 16%; newspapers 4%; magazines 2%.
A Conversation about America’s Future Event in NYC, June 21

A Conversation about America’s Future Event in NYC, June 21

PRESS RELEASE Donald Trump Provides Clarity on Important Issues During Q&A with more than 1,000 Faith Leaders Christian Influencers Gather to Hear and Be Heard by Presumed GOP Presidential Nominee at Non-partisan United in Purpose Event NEW YORK, June 21, 2016 –...

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SAGE Con Vote
Trump vs. Clinton

  • Donald Trump 69%
  • Hillary Clinton 2%
  • Other Candidate 12%
  • Would not vote for President 7%
  • Undecided 7%



Senate should NOT hold hearings until next President selects a nominee

Federal Government

  • Should be required to balance its budget 97%
  • Should not be required to balance its budget 3%


  • Should be recognized as valid 7%
  • Should not be recognized as valid 93%

12% of Voting Age Adults are SAGE Cons



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