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Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives (SAGE Cons)
2016 ELECTION RESULTS: SAGE Cons and the Election ... 99% of the SAGE Cons voted in 2016. 87% voted for Donald Trump. SAGE Cons believe 95% of media was "completely" or "mostly" unfair in reporting on the election campaigns and candidates. Please see the DASHBOARD for more information on the election ...

Dear Conservative Friend:

I am pleased to tell you that we have changed the name of the SAGE Con Weekly to American Culture Review, starting with this week’s edition. During the past two years our primary focus was on the election of 2016. From this point forward, our research will be expanded to examine multiple aspects of American society – including but not limited to our political situation. We will conduct studies designed to help us understand the dynamics of American culture – and what might help us to restore a biblical way-of-life in our nation. To accomplish that objective, we will also be expanding our research to include surveys of the entire U.S. adult population, in addition to our ongoing surveys among SAGE Cons and conservative clergy.

I am grateful for your continued interest and participation in our work. I hope that you will join me and the entire ACFI team in continuing to pray for the moral and spiritual health of our nation in this time of transition, and that our engagement in this cultural research and analysis will bear tremendous fruit for His kingdom. We are privileged to serve an awesome and holy God. May our lives reflect it!

George Barna
Executive Director
Amer. Culture & Faith Institute

Christian Conservatives React to Trump Cabinet Picks

With less than one month to go before Donald Trump is inaugurated as President, the public is keenly aware of the preparatory activity in which he has engaged since being elected. Foremost on the radar of many observers has been the leaders he has selected for his...

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Conservative Pastor
2016 Election Vote

  • Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine 5%
  • Donald Trump/Mike Pence 80%
  • Gary Johnson/Bill Weld 2%
  • Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka *%
  • Evan McMullen/Mindy Finn 5%
  • Voted but not for president 7%

Pastors Identify
Greatest U.S. Challenges

  • abortion 34%
  • Supreme Court nominees 21%
  • moral decline/changing values 20%
  • marriage and family breakdown 14%
  • religious freedom in the U.S. 13%

Why Pastors
Voted for Trump

  • knows how to create non-government jobs 88%
  • will keep America safe and militarily strong 84%
  • will bring about the change the political system needs 80%
  • will get things done 76%
  • strong and decisive leader 69%