What is a “SAGE Con?” A Spiritually Active Governance Engaged Conservative.
  • 76% of Born Again Christians believe the Bible is inerrant, while 46% read the bible every week.
  • If the general election were held today, 95% of SAGE Cons would vote the same way.
  • Nearly nine out of ten (87%) of SAGE Cons are not satisfied with the level of honesty in the media.
  • 79% of American adults think people are basically good, while 66% are angry with the state of the nation.
  • Just one quarter of American adults (25%) believe exposure to current movies is good for children.
  • Six out of ten American adults (60%) say exposure to church services is good for children.
  • Less than one-third (30%) of American adults are satisfied with children’s (5-13 years) respect for authority.
  • More than half of American adults (58%) say it is important that children hear the argument for sexual abstinence.

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