Summary of SAGE Cons and US Adults Demographics

  • One could describe the “average” SAGE Con (Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservative) as most likely to be a white male, married and in his late fifties, with a college degree and annual household income of about $77,000.
  • SAGE Cons have a comparatively large representation of males – more than half (54%) – when compared with the US adult population (49%).
  • Nearly four out of ten (39%) of the SAGE Con base are located in the South with about one-quarter in the West (25%) and in the Midwest (23%). The Northeast provides just 12% of the SAGE Con base.
  • Less than one out of ten SAGE Cons is under the age of 30 (7%). More than two-thirds (69%) are 50 or older. For context, 22% of Americans are under 30 and 38% are 50-plus. The median among SAGE Con adults is 57; among all Americans 18 or older the median age is 46.
  • SAGE Con adults are much more likely than US adults to be married – 79% vs. 48%.
  • SAGE Cons are well-educated, with more than half (53%) having graduated from a four-year college and about one-third (31%) who attended graduate school. Among all US adults, just three out of ten (28%) graduated from a four-year college and about half of those (15%) attended graduate school.
  • The heightened educational achievement of SAGE Con adults helps explain their comparatively high household income level. While the household income level of the public at-large is $53,500, the SAGE Con average is $77,000.
  • Thirteen percent of US adults have served in the military, while more than two out of ten SAGE Cons have done so (21%).

Demographic Profile


SAGE Cons US Adults
Male 56% 49%
Female 44% 51%

Age Group:

 SAGE Cons  US Adults
under 30 7%  22%
30 to 49  24%  34%
50 to 64 38% 25%
65 or older 31% 18%
Median (years) 56 yrs 46 yrs

Household Income:

 SAGE Cons  US Adults
less than $40,000 21%  41%
$40,000 to $100,000  51%  45%
$100,00 or more 28% 14%
Median HH income $77.0k $53.5k


 SAGE Cons  US Adults
College graduate 53%  28%
 Graduate studies  31%  15%

Marital Status: 

 SAGE Cons  US Adults
Married 79%  48%


 SAGE Cons  US Adults
Northeast 12%  18%
South  39%  37%
Midwest 23% 21%
West 25% 24%

Military Service: 

 SAGE Cons  US Adults
Yes 21%  13%

Sample size:                          28,043                n/a

Data Sources:

  • RightView™, conducted by American Culture & Faith Institute, a division of United in Purpose
  • American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S. Bureau of the Census