SAGE Cons – the acrostic used to describe individuals who are Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives (abbreviated as “SAGE Cons”) – are Christians who are actively engaged in a range of religious activities; consistently follow political news and participate in political activity; are followers of Jesus Christ and committed to growing in their relationship with and faith in Christ; and donate to one or more Christian ministries that are involved in social and political action. Demographically, they tend to be middle-aged or older; white; upscale; married; and more heavily located in the southern and Midwestern states. They are conservative both ideologically and theologically.

On the related pages on this website you can get a thumbnail sketch of the demographic, political, religious, and lifestyle characteristics of SAGE Cons. ACFI is constantly collecting new insights from SAGE Cons through its groundbreaking longitudinal research among the group, the only study of its kind in the nation. Stay tuned for the latest insights into this active and important segment of the US population.