United in Purpose (a 501[c]4 organization) and United in Purpose – Education (a 501[c]3 entity) share a critical mission: to provide information and resources intended to help people understand and embrace a biblical worldview, and to encourage them to live accordingly. UiP endeavors to accomplish that end by working with, uniting and equipping like-minded conservative organizations to bring biblical values to the forefront in homes, schools, churches, businesses, the media, and the public arena. What UiP brings to the table in that effort is the provision of technology, research, relationships, and marketing strategies geared to facilitating cultural change in America based upon Judeo-Christian principles. UiP believes that when Americans live in concert with God’s principles, as described in the Bible, American culture and individual lives will be transformed for the better. On the political continuum, UiP supports conservative principles but is non-partisan.