What Industries Boomed During Covid

Covid brought the whole world to a standstill, and this resulted in a lot of businesses unable to stay afloat. However, with the negative comes the positive, and many businesses actually increased their sales and profits. From sex toys to food delivery services, many of us stuck at home were looking for things to pass the time or help us feel a little bit of normality. Here, we look at some of the industries that boomed during covid. 

Sex Toys

With all of us confined to our homes for months on end, it was bound to happen that those of us living alone would get a little hot and bothered when it comes to sex and personal pleasure. And with the pandemic forcing us to stay away from basically everyone, we had to turn to sex toys. With nothing else to do but satisfy boredom, sex toys were expectedly booming. From couples who wanted to experiment to singles who wanted to explore their personal pleasure, sex toys were (and still are) a huge hit during the pandemic and are found in adult retailers online, making them quick and easy to get your hands on. 

Video Games

The pandemic was the perfect time for gamers to sharpen their skills and for non-gamers to get in on the action. Sales of game consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 5 were booming and a lot of people were left disappointed at the speed these went out of stock. With so much time to play games by yourself or with your loved ones to pass the time, it’s easy to see why video games were so popular during covid! The pandemic also popularised and legitimised playing competitive sports via a console. Many people were even able to make money playing games online and is still set to expand!

Food Delivery

As people were no longer allowed to eat out at restaurants, a lot of businesses had to facilitate takeaway orders to continue operating. Food delivery services like Uber Eats, Just Eat and more were busier than ever to allow those at home to keep enjoying food from their favourite restaurants and cafes. The increase of delivery drivers was also apparent during the pandemic. With more and more food businesses making their way online and more people ordering, more help with deliveries was required. 

Hygiene Products

Of course, as the pandemic hit, the sales of hand sanitiser, soap and anti-bacterial wipes soared. As soon as the news hit that the disease was spreading, everyone scrambled to get their hands on as much hygiene products as possible. Everywhere you looked, the shelves where soap and cleaning products used to be bare as people were stocking up on soap to expertly clean their hands multiple times throughout the day. Get a Trademark Registration in Canada for your business. Although the panic has calmed down over buying sanitiser, we doubt these companies will be going out of business anytime soon as the way we look at hygiene and cleanliness has changed forever!