So, you are thinking of taking your retirement in the next few months, but you are a bit worried that you will get bored?

Have no fear, here are ten ideas to keep you busy for the next few decades!

The Importance of Activities

Having something to do in your retirement is vital, as it will help keep your mind active and your mental health in check. The folks over at The Auberge at Highland Park understand the need for activities that are accessible no matter what age or health condition residents have, and are committed to providing their care home residents with a fun-filled selection of activities to take part in every week from quizzes to parties and even bingo!

It is not just keeping the mind sharp either, taking part in activities will help you meet new friends and help alleviate loneliness, especially for people who may have recently lost a spouse of many decades.

Loneliness is a real problem in our older population, and joining clubs, taking on new hobbies, and getting active can really boost the love of life that people have and add some vitality back.

Join A Club

Book clubs, movie clubs, drinks clubs, social clubs, clubs galore! Just because you are retiring from the work world, it does not mean you need to give up your purpose in life!

Now you have more time, it is time to invest your time doing things you love and enjoy, which is why you should consider joining a club or two, or ten!

There will be plenty of people in the same position as you, looking for like-minded individuals to spend their time with, and you will get a lot out of being in a club that speaks to your interests too.

Start Writing

Have you always fancied writing a novel? What is stopping you?

Now you have more time to spend on your own personal pursuits, it is the perfect opportunity to begin writing. Writing for fun can be exactly that, getting the stories you want to write down on paper (or into a laptop), and there is no pressure to get it published or anything like that. Although, if you did want to self-publish, Kindle offers some great options.

Not into fiction? Why not write your memoirs? You may not think your life has been overly interesting, but sometimes it is the ‘normal’ lives that are the most interesting to historians and anthropologists.

Start Tutoring or Mentoring

You have built up a wealth of experience and expertise over the years, and it would be a real benefit to society if you decided to give back some of that expertise and that experience to the next generation.

You can tutor many topics, such as Math, Geography, or any other ‘school’ topic, but many retirees also find great satisfaction in becoming a mentor for younger people. Sharing those nuggets of wisdom that you have gained over the years to help them improve their lives for the better.

Volunteer Your Time

Just like tutoring or mentoring, there is a certain satisfaction to ‘giving back to the community’ and none more than in volunteering your time.

Many services that use volunteers’ expertise actually could not survive without people like you joining their ranks to give their time.

Volunteering can be done on an ad-hoc basis, helping out with a local fate, or taking part in a soup kitchen at Christmas, or it could be a more formal arrangement, where you spend a certain number of weeks volunteering in a shop or working in the grounds of an estate, etc. There are hundreds of opportunities out there, and it is a great way to meet new friends too.

Learn to Dance

Have you always wanted to dance? Now’s your chance! Dancing has become a really popular pastime in the US for all ages, especially the more freeing styles like Line Dancing and Swing Jive

Dancing can be a great way to keep fit, meet new people, and have something to look forward to each week.

Enjoy your Garden

It is no secret that gardening is enjoying something of a boom in recent years, and that’s thanks in no small part to retirees taking up the shovel! 

Whether you are into flowers or vegetables, or anything in between, now you have the time to spend on your garden and watch it grow.

Take Part in The Arts

Painting, singing, musical instruments, even acting, the arts are for everyone, and sadly they have been severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic by way of shutting theatres and traditional arts gatherings.

When we are all allowed out again, think about joining your local arts group, learn to sing or learn to paint, but most importantly learn to tap into that creativity that keeps you young!

Get Fit

You may be thinking that it is too late to get fit at this point in your life, but you would be wrong! There are even stories of people in their nineties and beyond running marathons.

Ok, a marathon might be a step too far, but there is no reason why you cannot up your activity with swimming, walking, or even gentle weight lifting too.

Travel (or at least explore)

Did you have a chance to travel in your younger years? If not, why not go now? Cruises and coach travel are great ways for retirees to see the world whilst being looked after in comfort.

May retirees will spend months of the year traveling end enjoying other cultures, even if it is just moving around the US to see all 50 states.


Above all, you are now going to have more time to socialize and make new friends.

This is a crucial moment in your life and, for many retirees, the friends they make now can make all of the difference in their life, boosting mental and emotional health and keeping them going with exciting plans.

Now is your time to enjoy your retirement, and enjoy the freedom you now have, what will you do with it?