Drafts. They’re those little slips of cold that creep under your front door and around your window. Most people would brush off these little patches of discomfort and just roll up a towel and put it under the door or get an extra blanket or put on another jumper and just bare it. However, these easily dismissible little gusts of cold air could be warning signs of a deeper issue, and something far more problematic.

Drafts can be signs that your home needs to be fixed before something goes very wrong. Below is a list of things that having a draft might indicate, and how to solve the problems you may find.

Problems With Your Window And External Door Glazing

Problems with your window and external door glazing means that not only are you wasting heat, and therefore money, but you may also be letting in moisture. This will build upon surfaces and ruin your furniture, and the internal parts of the walls and ceilings. It is crucial to have good ventilation, but when it is cold and damp outside, some of that weather can be let indoors. It may mean you need to have your glazing looked at by an expert and have it redone.


This can cause your glazing and your bathroom sealant around your bath and sink to break. It’s essential that you get these fixed quickly as you can quickly develop a black mold build-up and a pest infestation. Drafts and dampness generally go hand in hand, so if you have drafts, you need to be on the lookout for issues with dampness around your house – especially around your windowpanes and your bathroom furniture. 

A Leak

Drafts might mean you’ve got a hole elsewhere, or your insulation isn’t working properly and both of these things are very urgent problems. It’s always good to call in an expert to take a look at any potential issues you might have in concern to leaks as they can cause major problems and might cause you to need a roof replacement, especially if you live somewhere wet, like Colorado. If you want to look at more info on the best roofers in Lafayette and other places around the world, do extensive research into the local companies and businesses available to you.

An Issue With Heating 

A draft might mean you have an insulation problem, or one of your heaters or radiators aren’t working as well as they should. You should get this checked out as soon as you can, as this may indicate you have a problem with your boiler or your heating system. This can get expensive so it’s best to get this examined by an expert at least once per annum anyway.

Drafts can tell you a lot about your home. Take note of where they’re coming from, and be careful not to dismiss them. They can tell you a lot about the health of your home, and they may even indicate a problem before it becomes a serious issue.