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Pets are a lifelong partner and companion, as well as a member of a family. Thus, great care is needed when transporting pets from one location to another. A variety of situations may require you to transport a pet to another location. You may be planning to be away for a significant period of time and are trying to transport your pet to a friend or family for temporary care. You may also be moving from your current location to a new living arrangement. Maybe you are planning a trip somewhere and you are bringing your pet with you in your journey. No matter the situation, theses are a few ways to safely transport your pets.

1. Air Travel as Baggage

Transporting your pet as excess baggage during your flight can be a viable option if you need to travel with your pet. This can be done when you check-in your baggage at the terminal. There are a few things to keep in mind when checking-in your pet as baggage during a flight. Firstly, the airline of your choice may not have the necessary staff and employee who are specially trained to handle pets and animals. Besides that, your pet may spend more time on the tarmac while waiting to be loaded into and while unloading from the airplane. Therefore, the long period when your pet is not in a temperature-controlled environment may cause unnecessary stress on your pet. Thus, it may be useful to have a temperature-controlled enclosure for your pet during transport.

2. Ground Transportation

Transporting via ground is an option if your travel distance and time is relatively short. Longer travel times via ground transport are not encouraged as it may induce unnecessary stress on the pet in question. You must keep in mind that during transport, your pet is in an unfamiliar environment, causing them to be more sensitive to other stimuli including temperature and noise. However, ground transport may be your only option depending on your situation and circumstances. For example, you have a pet that is too large for air travel, you pet is not suitable for air travel, or your schedules could not accommodate air travel for your pet. Therefore you have to keep in mind of a few key issues when transporting your pet on the road. First, make sure the storage area for your pet is temperature controlled. Extreme weather can kill your pet especially in an environment that is not temperature controlled. You should also look for specially trained agents who have experience transporting pets on the road. These agents will have the necessary capabilities as well as equipment for a safe transport of your pet.

No matter which option you choose for moving your family pets, or your own personal companion, always keep in mind that great care is needed when making your choice. The safety of your pet should be your upmost priority even if it may cost slightly more than you expect.