The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world. You’re making the right decision if you want to move to the U.S. However, the immigration process of the United States can be tricky and cumbersome for most people. 

An immigration attorney can help you make this process easier for you and your family. However, you must be skeptical as to what all an immigration attorney can do for you. So, we’ve come with a list of everything your immigration attorney can do – 

The role of an immigration attorney

An immigration lawyer is a bit different than other types of lawyers you may have dealt with before. The essence of an immigration attorney’s job is to help his clients meet the requirements of immigration. 

But that’s not where the list ends. A professional and experienced immigration attorney can do many things for you, from helping you with paperwork to helping you with any hurdles along the way. However, ensure that you go for a credible Goldstein Immigration Lawyers to get the best representation. 

They help with planning 

One of the biggest hurdles to starting your immigration process is not knowing where to begin. There are many different types of green cards that you can apply for, and it can be very confusing to know which one would be perfect for you. 

Your attorney will talk to you and study your background thoroughly. Even if you’re eligible for multiple green cards, an attorney will let you know which one is the easiest and the fastest one to get. Besides, they help you set realistic expectations from the start and tell you about the entire procedure’s tentative timeline. 

They help with paperwork

Do you know the amount of paperwork you have to file to get a green card? Not only is there a lot of paperwork, but all of it is so important that you cannot afford a single mistake. Even the smallest of errors can be the reason behind your application getting rejected. 

Immigration lawyers can deal with all of your paperwork for you. If you’re not living in the U.S. and need to go through a consulate for your procedure, your lawyer can contact your embassy and be the perfect middleman. 

They help in fixing irregularities 

Most people hire an immigration lawyer when they run into some issue or do not fulfill one criterion or another. In these cases, an immigration attorney is not only needed, but he can turn your entire case around. 

Did you know that you need to disclose your entire criminal history as a part of your background check? You even need to disclose any charges that were dropped or resolved later. In such cases, you can directly go for an immigration lawyer instead of a criminal lawyer. 

Another case where you need an immigration lawyer is when your prior applications have been rejected for some reason or another. A professional can help you understand why your previous attempts failed and fix your application accordingly.