Amount You Should Leave Your Hairdresser For A Cut or Color

Whether you’re looking to build a relationship with your stylist or show gratitude for their work, tipping is always an option.

There’s no standard tipping amount, but most people tip anywhere from 15% to 20% of the total bill.

How Much Should I Tip?

When you go to the hair salon for a cut or color, you usually expect to leave a tip. It’s an act of gratitude that shows your stylist you appreciate their work.

The standard rule of thumb on how much to tip hairdresser is 10 to 20 percent. That’s a good tip if you’re pleased with the service and feel like the hairdresser was fair and did a good job.

But if the service could have been more excellent than you expected or you don’t like how your hair turned out, it’s best to leave less.

If the hairdresser was talented and nailed your specific requests, it’s worth leaving more. For instance, if you went in for a hand-painted balayage and it looks incredible, it’s okay to tip more than the standard 20 percent.

How Much Should I Tip if I Don’t Like My Haircut?

In the UK, leaving a tip of 10% plus a pound is customary for someone who washed your hair or blow-dried it. Good advice can make a big difference in how much your stylist appreciates you and will help them feel more confident that they’re providing excellent service, says Tricia Williams, a salon owner in Alexandria, Virginia.

Most professional stylists suggest leaving 18-20% of the total cost for a good haircut, regardless of whether you’re getting highlights or a complete color job.

A 20% tip is generally a safe bet, but you should up it if your stylist is especially difficult to work with or has to spend more time on your hair than other clients.

How Much Should I Tip if I’m Using a Gift Certificate?

Typically, the usual tip is around 15 to 20 percent of the service fee. However, this is entirely discretionary.

So, if you love your hairdresser and are pleased with their work, you should tip them accordingly. But if you think they’re doing something wrong, it’s important to say so.

Although apps are available, leaving cash or a personal check is the best way to tip your stylist. You can also leave a handwritten card or envelope at the front desk.

And remember, the holidays are a great time to give extra tips to everyone who has helped you throughout the year! This includes your regular hair stylist, manicurist, waxing technician, massage therapist and personal trainer.

How Much Should I Tip if I’m Using a Credit Card?

Many hair salons have upgraded to point-of-sale systems that allow clients to tip with their credit cards. However, you should always check with the stylist or receptionist to ensure this is the case before leaving your hard-earned money behind.

Conventional tipping etiquette says you should leave a minimum of 15 percent if you use a credit card. But if you’re particularly picky or can be more specific about how your hair should look, you should tip a bit more.

Aside from leaving cash, you can also use apps to send your tip directly to the stylist or assistant, and you can even leave a handwritten card or a little envelope if that’s more your style. But there’s no doubt that the most elegant and generous tip you can give your hairdresser is an excellent old-fashioned gift card, whether it’s to their favorite restaurant or spa.