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Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives (SAGE Cons)
KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN ... Big changes are coming to the ACFI website. New design and new emphasis on Cultural Transformation. On February 27, ACFI will release our benchmark study as part of our Worldview Measurement Project 2017 featuring an analysis of the data as well as the spiritual and cultural implications of the findings. TEXT QUESTIONNAIRES: ACFI has launched our first-ever short text questionnaires focusing on what SAGE Cons think of the most current events. To participate in these text surveys email or phone 805-340-0608. Stay tuned ....

Survey Describes an Opportunity to Reshape American Society

Christian conservatives are not just dismayed with the state of American culture; most of them want to get involved in doing something about it. That is one of the key findings from a new national survey conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute (ACFI)...

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Responses updated every 30 minutes

Does Donald Trump make you feel hopeful, or not?

  • hopeful 78%
  • not hopeful 12%
  • not sure 11%

Would you say that Donald Trump cares about average Americans, or not?

  • yes 84%
  • no 7%
  • unsure 9%

Do you think that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 presidential election, or not?

  • yes 15%
  • no 55%
  • unsure 30%

How do you think that the U.S. government treats Mexicans who are illegally residing in the U.S.?

  • fairly 76%
  • unfairly 6%
  • unsure 18%

SAGE Cons Snapshot

73% of SAGE Cons care not satisfied with the Christian commitment of Americans.


An overwhelming 99% of SAGE Cons are not satisfied with the objectivity of the mainstream media


28% of SAGE Cons believe people are basically good


92% are not satisfied with the level of respect for traditional values


The most common political news sources used by SAGE Cons are independent online sources (26%) and mainstream TV news (24%)


99% of SAGE Cons are Pro Life