You have a dream destination in mind, you have planned what you want to do there, you have plucked up the courage to ask the boss for some time off work – all that remains is to put together the funds to get you on your way. For most people, a foreign vacation represents a sizeable chunk of their annual budget. In the run-up to the big day when you finally set off, it is wise to take extra-economic measures to make sure you have enough money to enjoy yourself to the full-on your vacation. Read on for some simple yet innovative ways you can start your savings pot today.

1. Take a packed lunch to work

We rarely take the time to tot up how much we spend on popping out to the shops at lunch when we are work, but the true costs are quite considerable for most people. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can save a lot of money by taking a packed lunch to the office.

2. Limit yourself to one take-out meal a week

Ordering your favorite Chinese take-out at the weekend is one of the guilty pleasures that people are most reluctant to give up. To save money, try picturing the authentic food that you will be able to afford on your vacation if you start counting the pennies now.

3. Stop drinking alcohol

Bad habits die hard, but if you really want to see your bank balance boom, resisting the temptation to drink alcohol will make a massive impact on how much you are able to save. An added benefit is that you will probably end up feeling much better too!

4. Cycle or walk to work

If you live close enough to your work to cycle or walk, you can save a significant sum by doing so instead of driving or taking public transport. It is better for your health and the environment, too!

5. Stop drinking bottled water

Bottled water is expensive, and if you live in a country where the water from the faucet is safe to drink, there really is no excuse not to drink it if you are serious about cutting costs.

6. Look for deals on your shopping

The savvy shopper will save tons by checking out the deals on the multitude of coupon sites that have sprung up on the internet in the last few years.

7. Use a budgeting app

One of the most useful tools to help you make sure that you are not overrunning your budget is to look for the help of a budgeting app. There is a fantastic range of apps that can help you to break down and manage your income and outgoings every month.

The key to saving for a big event is always to start early and be as inventive as possible. The measures above will get you well on your way to getting the most of your hard-earned vacations, but do not be afraid to experiment with your own saving strategies.