Can Video Slots be a Scam?

Online slots such as Tornado Farm Escape slot encourage people to take risks for a victory. Most of these games make people bet an amount of money in order to score wins. However, there is great speculation that these machines might be a scam or rigged.

There are plenty of videos on the Internet where individuals are trying their hardest to prove these machines are rouge. But let us make it clear that these machines are foolproof and cannot be rigid or tweaked to produce desirable results. To better this, you will first have to understand how these slot machines actually work.

How Do Online Slots Work?

The inner workings of online slots is pretty complicated and might be hard to understand for a non technical individual. Below we are listing out the basic components of the slot machines and later we’ll explain how all of these components work together to produce random results.


The acronym RNG stands for the “Random Number Generator”, a software which is in charge of operations in slot machines. Initially, the slots worked on mechanical or electromechanical mechanisms based on the concepts of randomization where each reel spun and stopped individually to generate random results. In fact, the reels or rollers that we still find in the digital versions today are reminiscent of those “One Arm Bandits” operated with a lever.

But as you can imagine, those mechanisms had their shortcomings in terms of possible combinations and the order in which they appeared. Currently each slot title has its own programmed random number module which can count between one and several hundred million numbers per second to determine the position of the reels.


RTP or Return to Player is a theoretical value that determines the ability of a slot machine to produce wins per specific amount of bets. This is also a pre-programmed module and its value is indicated in percentage. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 96.0, it should theoreticallyd return £96 per £100 of bets. However, accessing the profitability of a slot machine through RTP is likely to be impossible. How? Theoretically, the value of RTP only affects the long-term results and does not have that much effect on short slot sessions.

Volatility and Variance

Volatility or Variance is also a theoretical indicator that can give you an idea of what will be the rate of wins on a slot machine. Volatility is often indicated in three terms; low, medium, and high. A slot with low volatility will produce wins at a lower rate, but the value of those wins will be higher. Likewise, a slot with high volatility will produce wins at a higher rate, but the value of those wins will be less. Lastly, a medium volatility slot has the ability to deliver results at a moderate rate, and the value will also be in the middle.

These three are the essential components that you’ll be able to find in each online slot. All these components work together to make the slot work. RNG takes care of the randomness of results; RTP ensures the house edge, and Volatility controls the rate at which the wins are produced. Now let’s head to the fundamental question if it is possible to rig these components? Or do online casinos tweak their slots to produce results in their favor?

Are Online Slots Rigged?

Well, the simple answer is no; as you can see, a slot already gives a house edge to the casino through RTP. For example, a slot with an RTP of 96% will return £96 per £100 of bets, and the remaining £4 will automatically go to the casino as house edge. Imagine a slot gets £100,000of bets per month, meaning that the casino will make £4000 of a single machine and now imagine a casino having more than 1500 slots available for the players. You can do the math.

Moreover, online casinos are regulated by government authorities such as UKGC and MGA. These authorities keep a close eye on the casino’s operations. If a casino tries to scam its customers, these authorities are bound to take strict action against the casino. So, online casinos simply cannot afford to rig their games or scam their customers. This also means that the slot games can be straight-up scams if you choose to play on an unlicensed casino that doesn’t have a security or fairness certificate.