You ask the question, what are Angels, and do they exist?

Angels are spiritual beings of love and light who live with a higher power who some call God. They are sent to earth to protect and guide us through our lives. Although there are many angels you are assigned, one special guardian angel. 

Have you ever had the feeling of presence, of premonition, chills, or hunches? That could be signs of an angel watching over you and trying to communicate with you.

Angels have many ways of reaching out to you and do not just use ‘one language’.

Most humans are not tuned to Angel manifestations. So, angels will rather communicate in more subtle ways.

Feelings, physical sensations, signs and symbols, and dreams are some simple ways in which they communicate.

5 Clear Signs of an Angel Watching Over You

Below is a list of how to see your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. These are in no way the only signs. There are many and some are very personal to you. These examples are in no particular order of importance: 

1. Finding a White Feather

Many cultures from all over the world consider feathers connected to the mystical and divine world.

Because of the beauty and significance of the wings of an angel, it comes as no surprise that finding a white feather is linked to a sign that an angel is near and you are safe. In fact, there is an expression that goes “feathers appear when angels are near.” 

In general, feathers symbolize light, love, and protection from evil and negativity. 

2. Dreams

When you are asleep your body and mind are more relaxed and your subconscious mind opens to be more receptive to messages from your angel.

If you have recurring dreams or vivid dreams that have an impact on you, this is a sign that the angels are trying to communicate a message to you. 

3. Animals

Animals have been used as messengers for the angels throughout the ages. There is a strong connection between the two.

If you notice an animal that grabs your attention and you look up the symbolic meaning of that animal this is a message from the angels. 

4. Sensations, Chills, and Goosebumps

How do you know when you have been touched by an angel? 

Physical sensations, chills, tingling, and light gentle touches when nobody is there is a sign that your angels are reassuring you are safe and they are looking after you.  

5. Symbols and Signs

There are a wide variety of symbols and signs given by the angels.  

The best way to determine if these signs are from the angels is to be aware of your present feeling and moods.  If the sign helps you understand and gives you an answer to your question then these are angel signs.

It could be anything from cloud shapes, road signs, and flowers. Anything in fact that gives you a sense that somebody is trying to advise you of something.

Final Thoughts on Recognizing Angel Messages

The key to knowing that your angels are trying to communicate with you is simply paying special attention to the manifestations that you feel and see.

As we have stated above there are certain signs of an angel watching over you that you can keep an eye out for throughout your life. 

Train your mind to be more open to communication with your angels and you will soon recognize signs of when your angel is with you.

‘Stop, smell the roses’ and relax!