5 Reasons Why Every Gardener Should Consider a Greenhouse

Greenhouses allow gardeners to practice seed starting, propagation and growing exotic plants year-round. They can also help extend the growing season to allow more time to harvest vegetables and flowers.

Sunlight travels easily into greenhouse glass and is converted to heat. This warmth stays inside, raising the temperature of the entire structure.

Temperature Control

A greenhouse lets you plant and tend to your favorite flowers, vegetables and shrubs year-round. It can even be used to grow normally too fragile or short-lived plants for your climate zone.

The sunlight that passes through the glass into your greenhouse is absorbed by the plants, ground and any other material in the greenhouse, converting to infrared energy (aka heat). That radiated heat then warms up the air over time.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can use various heating and cooling methods to control your greenhouse environment. For example, invest in a hydronic system where a boiler heats water that runs through piping under your greenhouse floor. The resulting radiant heat keeps your greenhouse comfortable throughout the day and night.

Light Control

A greenhouse is ideal for growing vegetables or exotic plants that would otherwise not survive our cold weather. Greenhouses let in the sun’s light energy, which the plants inside absorb and convert into heat energy.

This keeps the plants warm and provides them with the perfect conditions for photosynthesis to occur. This is how plants get the energy they need to grow and thrive.

Growers can also set schedules for their crops, increasing harvests and improving their quality. This benefit may seem too advanced for the average backyard gardener, but it can be an excellent tool for professional growth operations. This is where light deprivation comes in, which can help you grow more and better plants with less work.

Pollination Control

Some vegetables, like cucumbers and tomatoes, require pollination to produce fruit. This is because they have male and female flowers, which must come into contact with each other to complete the process. Without this, plants will focus their energy on producing seeds and less on the edible roots and greens we enjoy.

With a greenhouse, gardeners can ensure that their plants are pollinated. This can be done by opening the greenhouse doors on days with favorable weather conditions or by planting flowers that attract pollinator insects in and around the greenhouse, such as comfrey, dill, sage, lupin, borage, or sunflower.

Some growers use commercial bumblebees or release mason or leafcutter bees into their greenhouses to help pollinate. These species can crawl into tiny flowers and complete the process and can be more effective than standard honeybees at certain times of the season.

Protection from the Weather

A greenhouse offers an ideal environment for various plants and crops. Besides providing the perfect conditions for the plant’s growth, it protects them from extreme weather events.

Greenhouses can provide the perfect place to practice seed starting, propagation and exotic plant cultivation. They also offer the best location to store gardening tools and equipment, eliminating the need for sheds in your backyard.

For gardeners, a greenhouse can be the difference between having fresh tomatoes in winter or eating wilted lettuce from your backyard. It can also allow you to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables not in your area’s climate zone. The benefits of having a greenhouse are endless. It’s a must-have for any gardener who wants to extend the harvesting season or cultivate new foods and flowers.

Variety of Plants

A greenhouse is a perfect place to grow various plants that may not grow easily in your climate. Plants like caladiums, philodendrons, gardenias, poinsettias and palms can all thrive in this warm environment.

Greenhouses can also make it possible to grow more heat-loving vegetables like peppers and summer squash. Beans are another popular vegetable that can also be grown in a greenhouse.

In addition to extending the season of your favorite crops, a greenhouse can help you save money by growing your produce. Buying food from the store can be expensive, especially in the winter, but with a greenhouse, you can enjoy fresh and healthy foods all year round. Plus, gardening is a great stress-reducing hobby that can bring you and your family together.