How Remote Online Notary Services Can Save You Time and Money

Unlike other work-from-home jobs, becoming an online notary requires minimal upfront investment. In addition to a commissioning fee, online notaries will likely need a digital certificate, storage fees for their journals and videos, and notary errors and omissions insurance.

RON allows Notaries to do their duties remotely through an online web conferencing platform. This saves both parties time and money, eliminating the need for travel.

You Save Time

When everyone attempts to streamline processes, offer faster services, and create better customer experiences, remote online notary (RON) services are one solution proving their worth. RON services are helping businesses and individuals save time while providing unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and security.

Unlike traditional paper-based notary processes prone to human error, RON services include identity credential analysis as an added layer of security and review. This helps reduce the number of missed signatures, faxes, and notarization errors that can add up and delay transactions.

Whether you need to sign a legal document or close on a house, working with a notary online lets you tailor your schedule around your busy life. This is especially beneficial for borrowers who must meet with mortgage lenders to finalize loans and transfer funds. With a convenient online scheduled appointment, a notary can help accelerate the loan closing process and eliminate travel expenses.

You Save Money

Online notaries can facilitate real estate closings, which typically require a lot of signatures. They are more convenient for borrowers and help speed up the process.

For lenders, remote notarizations can save them money by reducing the time spent chasing documents down. It also helps ensure the signatures are authentic. This aids companies in avoiding costly blunders like missing a signature, which could cause the closing process to be delayed.

Additionally, by reducing the cost of travel expenses, remote notaries can help their clients save money. This includes gas, car maintenance, and public transportation costs.

Finally, notaries can save money using a remote online notary service that is simple, fast, and affordable. Unlike most other providers, the notary platform lets notaries keep most of the fees collected from their clients. This helps them increase their income while saving them money in the long run. This is especially beneficial for notaries struggling to find work-from-home jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You Save Energy

Whether saving on gas and food expenses or eliminating costly office supplies and equipment, working from home is good for the wallet. As a remote notary, you’ll save on commute time and expenses. You’ll also save on car insurance and other costs with having an office space, such as lunches out or office supplies.

Besides the cost savings, working remotely will allow you to focus on your tasks at hand, and you’ll have the freedom to be mindful of workspace ergonomics. This will help boost efficiency. And it will allow you to avoid unnecessary stress that can sometimes arise when dealing with people in person.

As a result, remote online notary services have become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it will continue to be a great option long after the virus has dissipated. RON provides a seamless and secure process that saves time and money.

You Save the Environment

Besides being a great work-from-home job option, remote online notary services can save the environment. Meeting with signers over video conferencing eliminates the need for travel, which saves fuel and reduces emissions. Additionally, notaries working remotely can also save on car insurance. Insurance companies typically offer discounts for lower mileage driving, which is another way to help the environment.

Whether for general notary services or loan closings, RON is an affordable and convenient option for everyone involved. Using a secure eNotary platform, notaries can meet with clients from any location as long as their commissioning state allows.

As coronavirus concerns continue to linger, implementing a remote notary service is an excellent way for notaries to keep their business running smoothly. To get started, ensure your commissioned notary business has a robust rotary platform with features like electronic journals and scheduling tools.