Many decades ago, family members would rarely move more than a few towns away, but today the world could not be more different. There are very few restrictions when a person decides to move to the other side of the world either temporarily or permanently. While this is wonderful in several ways, it also means that families are spread out across the globe. Over time, branches of the family tree can become lost, and we lose touch with our roots. A great way to strengthen bonds and rebuild lost connections is to organize a family reunion. 

If you are hoping to arrange a celebration that reunites and maybe even introduces family members from all over the world, here are five steps to follow. 

  1. Write a plan 

Planning a family reunion for people who live all over the world requires a lot of planning, so you should send out invitations at least 12 months before the event. To maximize the number of people who can attend, you may want to ask people to confirm any dates on which they would not be available. It is also good to offer multiple location options, but it makes sense to hold the event in an area that suits the greatest number of people. The venue itself should be accessible for attendees of all ages and physical abilities. Ideally, it will have at least some indoor space in case of bad weather. 

  1. Ask for help and delegate tasks

Family reunions are complicated events, so do not try to take on too much of the planning and organization. Ask close family members to take on responsibilities such as communications, catering, entertainment, managing the budget, etc. Choose people who are dependable and as passionate about the reunion as you are so they can take some of the strain off your shoulders.

  1. Send your invitations 

Your invitations should be sent at least 12 months in advance, but the way you send the invitations will depend on your family. Invitations could be sent by email, in a family newsletter, or in a traditional card sent through the mail. Social media platforms such as Facebook also make it easy to create an event page, invite people, share updates, and create some anticipation around the event. The more excitement you can build up, the more likely it is that people will attend. 

  1. Consider hiring event staff

The point of a family reunion is to reconnect with family members, so the last thing you want to be doing during the event is rushing around tending to food and drink. To ensure you can focus on the people and enjoy the event, consider hiring professional caterers and bartenders. Find out more about professional bartenders and mobile bar services at

  1. Organize entertainment and icebreaker activities

The entertainment and activities that you organize will make all the difference, so give the topic plenty of thought. You should plan activities that will appeal to people of all age ranges, and that will help to break the ice for those who have never met before. Where possible, give the activities a theme connecting them to your family name or an aspect of your heritage such as old photos and footage, family stories, and music or food from your family’s ancestral culture.