How to Create a Pet-friendly Environment for Your New Cat

Bringing a new cat into your home is exciting, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to make sure that, as soon as the cat enters your home, it is as comfortable and happy as possible. 

While that might take a while, there are measures you can take to help your cat settle in sooner rather than later. Here is how to create a pet-friendly environment for your new cat. 

Remove Toxic Plants 

Plants are beautiful additions to the home, but even the prettiest ones can be deceptively toxic for your pets. If you have plants, look into whether or not they are pet friendly, and if some are not, either remove them or keep them completely out of reach of your new cat. 

If you are worried about any allergies, your cat may have, or your cat has had a bad reaction to a plant, be sure to schedule an appointment with a vet. This vet clinic in Knoxville has walk-in appointments if you are in a hurry. 

Set Up Two Litter Boxes  

The last thing you want is to discover cat waste around your home. While there might be a few accidents in the early days, especially if your new cat is a kitten, you can minimize them by setting up two litter boxes instead of one. Not only will it mean you don’t have to clean up as much mess from the floor, but it also means your cat won’t have to travel too far to use the bathroom. 

Provide a Comfortable Sleeping Spot 

While your cat might choose to sleep elsewhere, you must provide it with a comfortable sleeping spot where it can snooze any time of the day. Remember – cats don’t have the same sleep schedule as humans do! If you want your new cat to sleep near you, you can set up a cat bed in your bedroom. 

Set Up a Pet and Child-free Space  

If you have pets and children, it’s crucial to separate them in the early days, as they could stress your new cat out. Even as your new cat gets comfortable, allow it a pet and child-free space for when it needs alone time. 

Get Lots of Toys 

Covering the basics like food, sleep, and comfort is important, but so is entertainment. A bored cat is an unhappy one – and one that is likely to scratch your furniture and run wild around your home! Fortunately, there are plenty of great cat toys you can pick up for an affordable price. Considering getting your new cat these: 

  • A scratching post 
  • A cat tower
  • Balls 
  • Cat wands 

Give Your Cat a Spot by a Window 

Cats love looking out of windows. Whether you plan on having an indoor or outdoor cat, be sure to set up a spot by the window for your cat so that she can spend her days watching the world go by from her place of warmth and comfort. 

You want your new home to be as pet-friendly as possible for your new cat. The more comfortable your cat feels in the early days, the quicker it will settle into your home and become a happy member of your family.