Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Christian School

A Christian school is where children can form morals and values while learning about the world around them. They’ll also learn to understand the importance of God’s Word in all aspects of their lives. Positive role models, often teachers, will surround them and support their beliefs and values. They’ll also be able to develop close relationships with their peers.

They’ll Learn About God

In a Christian school, God is always at the center of the curriculum. Teachers cultivate a worldview reflecting His glory and look to Him for answers to life’s biggest questions. Secular education is forever groping for such a unifying principle; a true Christian private school provides it.

Teachers, parents and students all work together to form a community that upholds moral standards. This community will protect children from the world’s negative influences and encourage them to stick to their values. They’ll have positive peer pressure from fellow Christians and carry these good habits after graduation.

They’ll Develop a Strong Faith

If your kids attend a Christian academy school, they’ll be surrounded by teachers and peers who support their religious beliefs. It is a powerful way to ensure that they develop a strong faith. You can also teach your kids to live their faith through family activities, such as having a spiritual movie night, reading age-appropriate Bible stories and making regular prayer time a routine.

Ensure your kids have friends who share their faith and participate in church with them. When your kids go to junior high and high school, they’ll have the spine and heart to stand firm on their Christian beliefs in an increasingly hostile world.

They’ll Receive a High-Level Education

Christian schools are seeing a boom in interest because parents seek a school culture that values character formation in line with academic goals. They want their children to be free from drugs, sexual pressures and the revolving door of problems common in most public schools. Christian school educators also teach from a biblical worldview.

They encourage students to evaluate the world around them from God’s perspective — not man’s. This approach teaches children everything, including their lives, has meaning and purpose. It enables them to become confident and effective evangelists for Christ in the real world. It also helps them transform society by showing God’s love to the people around them.

They’ll Be Prepared For Challenges

Parents who say that their church and home are enough Christian training for their children do not realize the enormous influence school has on a child’s life. Church training occupies only 3% to 5% of your child’s waking hours, while school occupies 30% to 40%.

Christian teachers and peers will surround your kids. While they won’t be shielded from the culture of sex, drugs, alcohol, country music and atheism, Christian schools teach their students to navigate these issues. Plus, private Christian schools have much better classroom discipline than their public school counterparts. Your child will learn to live within the law and respect authority.

They’ll Have Positive Peer Pressure

Kids spend much time at school and look to their peers for guidance. That’s especially true during the preteen and teen years. That’s why it’s important to surround your children with healthy role models. A Christian school provides that environment. Students attend classes with teachers who openly demonstrate their Christian faith and values.

Teachers are more than lecturers; they are mentors and friends to their students. A Christian school trains your children in the Word of God and transforms their lives. It also teaches them that all roads of learning lead to God. It contrasts public schools, which indoctrinate kids for six hours daily in anti-God secular worldviews of evolution, sexual humanism and other anti-Christian beliefs.

They’ll Pray Daily

Christian schools don’t shelter students from the world; they prepare them to transform their influences. They do so by training them in faith and intellect, giving them skills to navigate the challenges they’ll face. They’ll also train them to view the world from God’s perspective, allowing them to see history as purposeful and science as the laws of nature working.

It gives a spiritual foundation during key, character-forming years of life. Finally, they’ll pray daily, strengthening their relationship with their teachers, fellow students, and God. It is the most critical component of Christian training outside the home and church.