Discovering Community and Faith at Faith Church

Faith communities can help you maintain your beliefs, learn from others, and support you during difficult times. They can also help you stay connected to others and grow your knowledge of scripture.

Discover classes are a great way to connect with faith churches and take your first step in the membership process. They are offered periodically throughout the year.

Thrice-Weekly Services

Whether new to the church, an alumnus, or an active participant, they are welcome to discover the community. They have many opportunities for worship and education each week and many ways to connect with people between worship service Brooklyn, NY

Pastors from a new Pittsburgh congregation joined scholars for a live broadcast on KDKA to discuss a recent study that explains why some people are leaving faith communities. 

Discover Classes

Discover classes are a great way to get acquainted with the church and community. They are designed as a “first step” for people looking to take their first steps at Faith church, whether exploring membership or simply building community within the church family.

Each class covers a different topic and is designed to be taken in order. Discovery classes are typically held on Sunday afternoons and last three to four hours, with pizza served midway through.

The program has an easy-to-use lesson planning system that allows for differentiation in the classroom. The curriculum also integrates easily with other subjects. It’s a powerful way to engage learners of all learning styles. Educators can choose from five different courses to fit their specific needs.

Community Outreach

At a time when our country faces a global health pandemic, a racial justice political-social movement, and a divisive political election that stretched democratic principles, it is more important than ever to explore the intersection of faith and community engagement at anchor institutions. This special issue of Metropolitan Universities features conversations from scholars, practitioners, and community partners that address this topic.

From senior outreach to child care, creating community impact is essential to a place of worship’s mission. It can take various forms, such as food pantries, education programs, and disaster relief efforts.

Research shows faith communities can help address the mental health needs of congregations. It can include offering training for churchgoers to become faith community nurses and partnering with larger healthcare systems to deliver care.

Make your house of worship accessible for people with disabilities. It includes having printed bulletins and scripture available and using visual monitors during services to ensure everyone can see readings, songs, and speakers.