The Ultimate Guide to Elevator Cabin Air Disinfection Purifiers

Elevator air disinfectant systems add another layer of protection for elevator riders. They stop the spread of pathogens in the air and on surfaces like buttons and handrails.

They use safe 222nm far-UV-C light to inactivate bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. They also condition harmful particles to bind together so they can be easily filtered out of the air.

How They Work

Elevator cabin air disinfection purifiers Niles IL use GERMAGIC, an innovative molecular material that slowly releases chlorine dioxide to safely reduce the transmission of droplets and aerosol without side effects on passengers. They also employ a UV photocatalyst and biological recognition technology to thoroughly disinfect the air in elevator cabs, ensuring a clean, safe environment.

The system can be wall-mounted to minimize space requirements and is available for new installation and elevator modernization. It is also quiet, allowing it to operate without disturbing passengers.

Its occupancy sensor detects passengers’ presence and automatically starts air filtration, disinfection, and ventilation. Once all passengers get off, the system delays shutting off to ensure it is thoroughly disinfected before the next passenger enters. It prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria, and spores. This preventive measure makes a building feel safer for passengers and demonstrates your commitment to their safety.

What They Remove

Elevator cab air disinfection purifiers reduce germs and viruses in the air and on surfaces, making elevator rides safer for passengers. Some solutions can eliminate more than 99% of the bacteria in the air and on the surfaces inside elevator cabs. Passengers can activate the systems or set them to work continuously, eliminating the need for strict, manual cleaning schedules in the cab.

The system can be wall-mounted or placed within the elevator operating panel and sterilize all surfaces and air in an elevator cabin. It uses GERMAGICTM, a molecular material that slowly releases chlorine dioxide, a powerful and non-poisonous disinfectant recommended by the WHO. It also has a fully enclosed UV photocatalyst to prevent UV leakage and enables safe disinfection with a disinfection rate of over 99%.

It combines Ionization to reduce dust, smoke, odor, pollen, pet dander, and other harmful microorganisms; Plasma to bombard (burst) the live microbiological contaminants with high energy to break their cellular structure and neutralize their odor; and Oxidation to remove the remaining dead viruses, germs, and bacteria for complete disinfection.

Why You Need Them

Elevator cabs can be breeding grounds for airborne germs like viruses, bacteria, and mold that can cause respiratory infections. The confined space of an elevator cab, combined with shared contact surfaces such as buttons and handrails, makes them the perfect environment for the spread of disease.

Since the global pandemic began, building owners have sought ways to make their elevators safer for passengers. These include sanitizing button covers, restricting the number of people per ride, and adding air treatment systems to improve air quality.

One way to ensure safety and peace of mind is to install an elevator air disinfection purifier in the cabin. Using safe, 222nm far-UV-C light, these systems sanitize and sterilize the air in your elevator cabs, killing most viruses and bacteria that can be spread through respiratory droplets. These cleaners can be wall-mounted, reducing installation and maintenance costs, or in the elevator operating panel, making them a cost-effective solution for new and existing elevators and elevator modernization projects.


Elevator cabs are often a breeding ground for pathogens such as COVID-19 as passengers move back and forth between floors. Since pathogens are spread through respiratory droplets and aerosols, an air disinfection system in your elevator is essential for the safety of everyone who uses it.

An air purification system in your elevator cab can be run automatically based on occupancy sensors or pre-set times to ensure that the entire space is constantly cleaned without touching anything. With a high first-pass kill rate, the system destroys germs as they enter the space from outside.

Explicitly developed for elevators, wall-mounted cleaners are the most cost-effective solution to disinfect your elevators’ interior. They include GERMAGICTM, a molecular material that slowly releases chlorine dioxide, a powerful and non-poisonous disinfectant recommended by WHO. It is coupled with a UV photocatalyst that allows no UV leakage and safely reduces the transmission of droplets and aerosol without damaging the environment or humans.