5 Benefits of Daily Bible Reading From  

Doug Kleinsmith on how daily Bible readings help fuel the spirit and the mind.

It is well accepted fact that mental and physical pursuits are strengthened through regular practice. Spiritual pursuits may receive less attention, but they are subject to the same principles, according to Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith.

Kleinsmith sees daily Bible reading as a way to nourish the spirit, sharpen the mind and further commune with God through His words. While the actual benefits of a devoted Bible study are numerous, many fall under five key areas.

Draw closer to God

Regular Bible reading helps the reader develop a closer relationship with God by studying His words and engaging with the teachings of Christ. Much like the Bereans were encouraged to examine Scripture to verify the messages they received in New Testament times, modern readers can rely on the knowledge they personally obtain from Bible reading and study versus taking the paraphrasing of scripture and the interpretations of others at face value.

Strengthen faith

Devoted Bible readers like Doug Kleinsmith are able to develop a stronger faith through regular interaction with God’s guidance through His commandments and laws. The Psalms, Proverbs and the parables of Jesus also provide guidance for life and thoughtful prayer. Spending time within the Word is best viewed as spending time with a friend and as an opportunity to develop stronger bonds better able to withstand challenges and enjoy the blessings of happy days.

Develop a strong foundation for discussions

The faithful often face an uphill battle in academic or philosophical conversations regarding religion due to the preconceived notions of others. Some Christians avoid these situations completely, but for others, they serve as an opportunity to introduce more people to the Bible and the promises contained within it.

To adequately share the Bible one needs to know at least the message of Jesus and how to share the good news. Others may find it important to build a strong store of Biblical knowledge to help defend against common arguments against faith and further the cause of Christianity. However deep the desire to spread the word goes, the Bible is the source and regular study makes sharing it possible.

Nourish the spirit

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith advises reading through past stories of the faithful makes it easier to face adversity in daily life and navigate the complex situations the modern world throws at work, at home and at play. Regularly engaging with God’s promises doesn’t make tough times go away, but it helps people bear them and look toward a brighter future for man.

Gain wisdom

Wisdom is different from knowledge, and by studying the Bible regularly, students find themselves better able to apply wisdom in daily life decisions. Over time, the lessons read and stories featured in the Bible leave a mark on the conscious and subconscious, making it easier to exercise sound judgment in keeping with Biblical principles.