Krakow had 14 million plus visitors in 2019, it has also gained many awards such as Best Destination To Visit in Europe and European Capital of Gastronomy Culture. This enchanting medieval city with its Wawel Dragon Legend proves to be a popular hit with travellers from all over the world.


The attractions, activities and sightseeing on offer will excite and surprise you during your stay, you can go a little crazy or opt for a more leisurely and romantic time plus everything in between that for Krakow is a cosmopolitan and modern city but on every street corner you see a reminder of Krakow’s glorious past history with the Vistula River flowing through the city and its lit bridges reflecting across the water suffused with the moonlight, the medieval town square with all its roads and alleyways leading to the cafes, bars and bistros adorned and decorated with flowers and candlelit tables..

Naturally, where do you stay? The Old Town or Kazimierz also known as the Jewish Quarter, these two areas are central and you won’t require public transport to get around the city. You can find some cosy and intimate apartments in and around Rynek, the medieval square but if you prefer a hotel arrangement you are spoilt for choice. Come with me now to a more practical guide to achieve your most alluring and seductive weekend romantic getaway in the equally charming, seductive and enchanting Krakow.  

Plac Szczepanski which is just off the main market square, Rynek, there are some intimate and cosy bars to have some pre-dinner drinks in the Old Town. Pop into Betel which is difficult to spot as it is hidden down an alley way and is a great place to chat take an aperitif, In the same area the wonderful olde worlde effect of Bomba, with its wooden interior and seen better days furniture to whet your appetite. Moving closer to the square there is a fantastic garden bar in Ul. Gołębia, Mr. Vavelsky Cellar Bar & Beer Garden is dedicated to the great Wawel Dragon Legend.


The garden is idyllic, serene and comfortable just the place to cosy up and spot a drink or two before continuing your stroll through the medieval streets of the Old Town to a restaurant. The night is still young and after the meal you meander through the cobbled streets of the Old Town for leisurely drink at Mercy Brown a speakeasy cocktail bar hidden away on Straszewskiego St., it’s theme reflects the the American prohibition times and makes for a romantic tete-a-tete in the late evening. If you are inclined to dance the night away close to the square is the fantastic Coco Club, keep the vibe going through till dawn as Krakow’s bars and clubs remain open as long as people are partying there.

The other hotspot is Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter with its synagogues, museums, restaurants and historical monuments. Like the Old Town an evening spent together here in the streets, squares and alley ways embeds memories in your mind that are not easily forgotten by either of you. The best areas are Szeroka, Plac Nowe and Miadowa which host many choice eateries. The bars are unique and hugely popular, try Eszeweria, a very intimate and cosy place to go and not be disturbed with lots of nook and crannies to keep a discreet level of privacy. The Kolanko N.6 with its surprise garden and Alchemia which has a live music stage and 2 floors to give a more relaxed environment. The whole area is packed with pubs, cafes, wine bars, restaurants to suit all pockets and clubs. Kazimierz also has a great reputation for quality street food.


Now for some local curiosities you may wish to follow or do. Every city has a Lovers Bridge and Krakow is no exception. While on a romantic stroll by the Vistula River there is the footbridge that connects Kazimierz to Podgorze you will see thousands of padlocks affixed to the railings by couples declaring their undying and eternal love for each other, some padlocks are engraved with the names of the happy couples.

You might wish to continue along the riverside promenade as there are floating cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Continuing with the romantic stroll theme a visit to the Kosciuszko Mound during the daytime is quite refreshing, it is dedicated to a polish hero Tadeusz Kosciusko and his quest for freedom and equal rights. Enjoy the day and night river cruises, the breath-taking Tyniec castle and cathedral is which is built on a sheer cliff face. A pleasant day out for the both of you and lunch in the restaurants within the grounds while visiting. The river cruises are available in the evenings too with several offering boat parties aboard. Back on dry land and although you may have seen Rynek Square at night but during the daylight hours it reveals its underground museum, see how Krakowians lived 800 years ago and let’s not omit Krakow’s most famous folklore tale, the Legend of the Wawel Dragon, follow the story by visiting Wawel castle and the dragon’s lair below the castle on the banks of the Vistula.

As Prince sang, Let’s go crazy, Krakow can encourage you to do so and joining an organised Pub Crawl is a brilliant start in getting to know the city and nightlife. You can contact companies like Party Krakow  ( to ensure you are introduced to crazy evenings which usually finish with entrance to a nightclub you can also take a Vodka or Beer Tasting upgrade during these events too. A really crazy option is the AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting, see how it feels to fire this classic weapon and the pump action shotgun is absolutely exhilarating, the gun range carries a wide selection of weapons including Bond, James Bond’s Walther PPK to try out. Summer in Krakow can be surprisingly hot so the more adventurous of you might want to take on the White Water Rafting in the Olympic standard circuit, be part of a team navigating the rapids whilst trying to stay in the raft. If you really want to go bonkers then Bubble Footie is a must, its crazy funny and mad fun to bump your friends in to oblivion. These are some of the day activities but when the sun goes down the Krakow nightlife is just as crazy with many of the clubs and pubs offering all kinds of promotions on drinks while Karaoke and live music band venues come into their own to make your night a special crazy one.

Krakow will magically enchant you whether you yearn crazy or romantic and welcome you into its heart.