Top Tips for Organizing a Mates Vacation

Is there anything better than visiting a foreign country with your mates? Whether you’re a friendship group who loves to party or prefers to soak up some culture, this experience can help bring you closer together. It doesn’t always go according to plan, though, and that’s usually because of errors made during planning. If you’re preparing for a vacation with friends, here are some top tips for organizing it.

Start a Group Chat

Communication is a must when planning a group trip, so make it easier by starting a group chat and ensuring everyone invited to the vacation is in it. Don’t invite anyone who can’t go just to help them feel included, as this will have the opposite effect. In this group chat, you can discuss places to visit, how to pay for everything, and transportation plans.

Plan the Essentials Early On

The essentials, such as hotel bookings and flights, should be organized early on. That way, you can get on to the fun stuff like must-visit museums and the best beaches to sunbathe on. You should think about everything so that there is no stress on the day of departure. For example, how will everyone get to the airport? If you are the designated driver, use for airport parking spots.

Consider Who is Invited

If you’re still in the early stages of planning with one other friend, consider who to invite. This shouldn’t be a quick decision – while a vacation with twenty friends might sound fun, it’s often more stress-free to travel in smaller groups, like five or six. Try not to leave anyone out, but don’t invite someone for the sake of it. After all, you don’t want to spend a vacation with someone you don’t enjoy being around!

Choose Spacious Accommodation

You might like the idea of cozying up with your best friend at the end of a beach day, but in reality, during a two-week vacation, you’re going to want some space. For this reason, look for spacious accommodation that has plenty of room for sleeping, relaxing, and entertainment. That way, if someone feels unwell or tired, they can spend some time in peace.

Don’t Feel Obliged to Do Everything Together

Just because you’re going on vacation as a group, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. The chances are you’ll all have various interests; some people might be eager to hike a nearby trail, some might be interested in a science museum, and others might prefer to simply tan at the beach for most of the holiday. Instead of trying to compromise and running around to suit everyone’s preferences, let people tail off and do their own thing from time to time. You can always meet up later and discuss the day’s events!

Let Everyone Have Their Say 

It’s important to allow everyone to have a say in the decisions made. After all, you’re going as a group, so you want everyone to be happy! By listening to everyone and going with the overall group’s preferences, there’s less chance of a disagreement.