Ways To Improve Your Work/Life Balance When Working From Home

In the wake of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic that swept across the entire globe, more and more businesses are learning from how they adapted to the restrictions on their industries and choosing to make roles that were only temporarily based at home now permanently working from home positions.

Here are some important ways to improve your work/life balance when permanently based at home when working.

Follow A Schedule

One of the most crucial things to do now your role is working from home on a permanent basis is to follow a strict structure and routine not dissimilar to the one you would follow when working in a traditional office setting.

If you fail to follow a proper schedule, you are more likely to waste time and spend far more time than necessary on work-related tasks and therefore it is strongly advisable to have a cut off whereby you shut the study door and ‘clock off.’

Additionally, although pressing and dressing in a full suit and shiny black shoes is obviously extreme and unnecessary, it is vital, even if you have no scheduled video calls or online meetings for the day, to dress appropriately for work and not stay in dressing robes or loungewear. Shower and dress in the morning and you will be significantly more prepared and focused on the day’s work ahead.

Create A Breakout Space

Similar to your lunch break in a conventional office environment, it is just as important when you are working from home to have clear breaks and time for food and beverages throughout the day. If you live on your own or with housemates who themselves are out at work or working from home in a different room, it is far easier to have a proper lunch break where you can nip outside for some fresh air or catch up on correspondence on your smartphone without being distracted or accidentally extending your lunch break and subsequently eating into your work time.

If you live in a bustling family home where there are numerous distractions, consider creating a breakout space in your study. You could treat yourself to an affordable coffee machine or install a mini cooler or fridge for cold beverages and keep a small table separate to your desk with sweets and magazines for your down time. For the ultimate in break out spaces, why not invest in a giant bean bag chair for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation during your lunch hour?

Advantages To Working From Home

Providing you follow a similar routine to that of a normal working day in the office, you will be afforded from the copious benefits that working from home can offer.

These include the opportunity to eat considerably healthier, no travel expenses or car parking costs, less exposure to potential colds and viruses (including coronavirus), no commuting stress, and a reasonably more flexible working schedule (remember, not too flexible), not to mention a positive effect on the environment.