How Long Does It Take to Settle Car Accidents?

Individuals who sustain injuries in a car accident due to another person’s negligence are eligible for a financial settlement. The most crucial step to take after sustaining injuries in a car accident is to hire a seasoned car accident attorney for representation throughout the injury case.

Car claims involve multiple at-fault parties, specialized regulations, and technical details necessitating representation from an experienced lawyer.

Factors Affecting the Timeline of a Car Accident Settlement

The behavior of the at-fault party’s insurance company and the specifics of the case significantly impact the settlement duration. Car wrecks take longer when complicated investigations, split liability, or severe injuries occur. If the negotiations deteriorate, an attorney for car accidents will help when the case goes to trial. A trial may delay the outcome of the case by several months.

Settlement Negotiations

Victims of an accident should hire a reliable lawyer to help them quickly negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company. An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer negotiates a favorable settlement for the victims.

With adequate legal counsel on your side, the insurers and the defendants will take your claim seriously to minimize the possibility of interminable delays.

You can always rely on the experience of your car accident attorney to assess whether the settlement is too low or fair depending on the extent of the damage and the severity of your injuries.

The Seriousness of Your Injuries

Victims of car accidents have a higher risk of sustaining catastrophic and severe injuries. The timeframe of the case is greatly affected by the extent of the victim’s injuries. Victims can seek reimbursement for property damage, medical expenses, lost earnings, and non-economic damages.

Insurance companies may try to delay expensive cases aside from arguing that the victim was partly at fault. A seasoned attorney knows how to handle delays and will take the at-fault party’s insurance company to court if need be.

Your car accident lawyer advises you on how you can sue multiple responsible parties and whether the settlement offer is low or fair.

Liability for the Car Accident

Complex liability is a significant factor that may delay the settlement process for a car accident claim. Unlike most car accident claims, multiple parties are held liable following a car accident.

Some of them include the shipping company, the car company, the car driver, the maintenance company, and the maker of defective parts.

A thorough investigation helps determine liability and entails car inspection, reconstructing the accident, and reviewing the logbook and records of the at-fault driver. These steps take time if the defendant fails to produce adequate evidence in a timely fashion.

Availability of Experts

Insurance companies retain experts following some car accident cases to testify on their behalf. These experts testify to medical causation or liability; insurance companies can retain them to testify that the accident victims didn’t sustain permanent injuries. Experts are costly and time-consuming, and your case may delay when an insurance company retains one.

Time is of the essence for victims who sustain injuries following a car accident that wasn’t their fault. Contact a seasoned car accident attorney after the accident to assist you in filing a successful claim. The legal help enables you to file the necessary paperwork and track deadlines as you focus on the recovery.