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We’re always looking for more and more ways to save money in this day and age, and there are many subtle ways of doing so, including some that you may not be aware of! With the holidays just around the corner, we all know that being hard-pressed for cash is an awful feeling when you aren’t at work—so why not save where you can? 

Here are some money management tips that could save you time, or just make life easier for you in the long run if you wanted to save up for bigger events for later on in life.

Use discounts and promotional codes

When used tactically, discounts and promotional codes can save you big time—this is the same with vouchers and gift cards, they work wonders! Always be sure to check for discounts and reward bonuses on your membership cards. You might find a few little nuggets of gold that you could use to make a big saving!

Seek financial advice from an expert

If you are thinking about long-term savings, it is a good idea to invest in wealth management services if you can afford them. These include lawyers, financial advisors, and accountants who will help you keep track of your money, challenge your spending habits to help you save for big goals in the future, and help to control bad spending habits, such as compulsive buying and paying too much for too little.

They also keep your money secure, so no matter what happens, it’ll be safe. It’s all well and good to go with what the bank offers, but it might be more beneficial to you to have a second opinion (whether you’re young or older) on how to handle your money well.

Buy second-hand items

Not only does this combat fast fashion, but it also stops you from paying too much. Going to charity shops and other second-hand shops can be beneficial, as you may find little curiosities that you might not have done otherwise. People often find their favorite garments and outfits at bargain prices in charity shops, whereas they would have paid an awful lot more money if they had bought them new—which often, they pretty much are. 

Recycle and reuse

Recycling objects and investing in reusable items is better than constantly replacing non-recyclable products. For example, it’s better to pay a lot of money, on say, a water bottle that will last you for five years than buying a packet of plastic water bottles every week. It is not only better for your pocket to make investments such as these, but it also better for the environment. Making more permanent switches such as these can have a long-term saving effect, and you never realize how much you spend until you’ve got the money in your pocket!

While none of these tips will necessarily make you a millionaire (well, the tip on wealth management might get you close) there are some that you may not have considered before. These are the little touches that make all the difference, so be sure to give them a go!