It doesn’t matter what your current employment status is or what your salary is, it is fair to say that we’d all like to save some money wherever possible, especially when it comes to our weekly shop. It is for that reason why I often put pressure on friends and family to take advantage of something they call cashback. Sites like Lyoness have these amazing offers that so many people are missing out on because they either don’t know about or they don’t understand how they work, and how they can save money through using them. I use these sites every single week and I always make huge savings as a result.

Cashback is about finding offers which are eligible for money back, you then go to the store and buy it for full price, upload your receipt to the cashback website of your choice and then get the percentage credited back to you, just like that. If you aren’t sure whether or not this is something whether you should look into, here are just a few reasons why I’d implore you to do so.

Same Products

 As someone who is really trying to push for more people to save money using cashback I always get frustrated when I am in the store and I see someone paying full price for a product which I know that is on offer on the cashback site. Sometimes I will actually say to people ‘did you know that….’ and they almost always say that they didn’t realize that there were savings to be had. This is something which happens all the time and you may very well be buying goods each week which are eligible for cashback, meaning that you are losing out. Everyday products are what these sites offer, a compelling reason why you have to get involved.

Just So Easy

There is no science to be blinded by here, the process is so incredibly simple that even my 93 year old Gran knows how to do it. All you do is sign up for a profile on the cashback site, pay a tiny membership fee, browse the products, go and buy them and then you can get that money credited back, just like that.

Genuine Savings

It can be hard to know what to trust online and I have no doubt that this is part of the reason why many won’t opt to use cashback sites. I can tell you from personal experience however that the money you get back is just that, cold, hard cash, no credit line or coupons, just real savings and real money, straight back in to your account.

There are some things that we can’t save money on but when it comes to your week shop you can most definitely make some big savings once you have signed up to one of the brilliant cashback sites, and start taking advantage of their amazing offers. You heard it here first.