The average American considers remodeling their home every ten to fifteen years.  The cause for these changes can be growing pains, the need to try something new, or just realizing that their house is no longer up to date.  Unfortunately, these remodels can get incredibly expensive and may stop people from being able to do other things they enjoy in life just for the sake of updating where they live.  If you’re trying to figure out a smart budget while also wanting a fresh look, here are some tips to help you!

DIY Anything You Can

The most obvious tip is to get as hands-on as possible.  Don’t let yourself overpay for professionals when there are things that you can easily do for yourself.  Using YouTube, or Pinterest, look for guides on how to handle more straightforward tasks.  Some of these may be removing wallpaper, painting your walls, staining wood, and painting old cabinets.  Although you shouldn’t attempt everything yourself if you’re not practiced (avoid electrical work!), there are tons of projects you can do yourself.

Ask For Family and Friend Help

We may be raised as being nervous to ask for help.  There are people you know, though, that are the folks you would ask if you wanted to know, “What is my home worth?’ and they’re the people you should approach now.  You don’t have to ask them to remodel your house for free; that could be offensive to ask- instead, ask for help with smaller projects.  If you’re nervous about laying tile, ask for their advice and guidance.  If you need to replace your front door and feel a little lost with confusing instructions online, ask for help.  Make sure to thank them, food is a grand prize, and pay attention as they teach you.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

If you want to remodel your kitchen, and you know you can’t afford much, now is not the time to be considering taking out a wall to make an open floor plan.  Instead, put your time and energy into working to make what you have work for you.  Be reasonable about what you can afford, and if you’re not sure if something’s within your budget, then research heavily. Extensive renovations on a tight budget can be scary because a mistake could end up costing you more money.  Please don’t risk it.

Wait For Discounts

If you’re remodeling your home for yourself and not to sell any time soon, be patient and wait for deals.  Keep an eye out for sales that have materials or skills you need, and then jump on them.  Sometimes just waiting to do renovations until the winter can save you money since it’s a slower time of year for most companies.  If you have your heart set out for a certain kind of tile, don’t fear looking at second-hand shops.  Some websites like eBay and Etsy surprise users by having unique and beautiful building supplies that can’t be found elsewhere.  Be open to these surprises!